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The Art Park offers cooking classes for elementary aged children in a safe, fun environment that encourages discovery, creativity and trying new foods. While learning food preparation skills is the main focus, each class also incorporates kitchen safety, cooking terms and language, etiquette, table setting, menu planning, and fun food related games or crafts.

We believe cooking is a great way to connect children to foods they eat and that cooking is a lifelong skill that can be artistic, creative, and fun. Young Chefs students will experience working in the kitchen to improve necessary skills such as stirring, measuring solids and liquids, chopping, slicing, rolling, peeling, sautéing, seasoning and tasting of course! Cooking experiences help to develop self-confidence, the ability to follow directions and fosters teamwork.

Many fun and unique themes are explored for classes an camps such as “My Pet Made My Breakfast” where students get to meet and collect eggs from hens; “Eating the Rainbow” where we focus on a different color of ingredients each day; “Dough-Nuts” where the focus is on pizza, pretzels, and pies; “Recipes From Around the World” where LOTS of new spices and tastes are explored; “Read Aloud Books and Recipes” where classic children’s literature is read and a baking project incorporated.

Classes are geared for ages 5-12 with a 6 to 1 child-teacher ratio. Younger children will be given tasks such as washing and preparing fruits and vegetables, chopping with a wavy hand held food chopper, helping mix ingredients and using a blender and mixer with adult supervision. Responsible, older students will be allowed to use several cooking tools on their own after adult demonstrations including a pairing knife, blender, mixer and stovetop. Older students also have the opportunity to show good leadership skills when paired with a younger “cooking buddy.” Children in Young Chefs Cooking Classes are allowed to do as much of the food preparation as possible. This provides an enriching, hands-on experience where children feel the sense of accomplishment for having created something themselves.

Looking for cooking classes? Click on the Class Enrollment tab