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We can teach anyone how to draw!

The Monart guided drawing system shows students how to perceive the visual world in terms of five basic elements of shape. Just as a musician learns notes and scales in order to play an instrument, students learn the skills necessary to translate their perceptions onto paper. This method has achieved phenomenal results among both children and adults, including those with learning differences. Teachers that regularly use the guided drawing method in the classroom, report that reading and math scores rise as much as twenty percent. Studies have shown that when students draw the subjects they are studying they learn the information eight times faster and retain the information eight times longer.

Monart guided drawing is more than a method that teaches people how to draw. Leading educators recognize Monart guided drawing as a teaching system that helps students to learn how to focus and concentrate, make decisions, solve problems, sequence and develop hand-eye coordination. In a non-competitive, peaceful environment students learn that drawing is a teachable subject in which anyone can learn to draw, and that there are no mistakes in art.

Students come to understand that in class there is no competition or comparisons, no right or wrong way to draw, and that you will learn from everything you draw, even if you don’t like the results. In addition to learning the skills of drawing, learning to draw has also been shown to have positive effects on children’s different learning styles…including their ability to focus, plan, and follow-through to completion.

With Monart guided drawing, every student has the opportunity to experience increased self esteem, creativity and confidence, and develop skills that are transferable to other areas of learning.  At the Monart School of Art we strive to provide the very highest quality of art education. This is accomplished two-fold because of our patented method and our extremely qualified teachers.


  • Students use all professional grade materials
  • We use the original, patented Monart Guided Drawing System developed by author and art educator, Mona Brookes
  • Our teachers are artists that show on a local & national level
  • Our teachers are educators that have taught in the classroom
  • We use a progressive curriculum that builds skill levels and teaches independent creativity and three dimensionality
  • Our students don’t just copy pictures and the teachers  line-by-line drawings, they learn to draw from real objects
  • We limit our class size to maintain an organized and structured setting where all students get the attention they need
  • Our safe environment allows students to feel comfortable asking questions and learning problem solving techniques
  • Monart teachers are trained extensively in how to achieve a variety of creative results from the same lesson plan
  • We teach serious drawing skills with many side benefits to academics while students have fun learning a new skill


I have to share a short success story about our daughter Zoe, a long time Monart student.  She just received notice that she has been awarded a MathMovesU college scholarship from Raytheon and her school will receive a similar grant.  The project she created and submitted for consideration detailed how a passion of hers (art, of course) interacts with mathematics.  I want to say investment in the arts pays off!”

-Tim S.

“My two sons (ages 5 and 6 at the time) participated in Monart courses for about a year.  The boys always loved drawing but before attending Monart they were often frustrated with the difference between their imagination and the final result.  Monart helped them to move on from stick figure pictures to realistic drawings that are admired by their family and friends.  It opened a whole new world of artistic expression and exploration for them.  I also noticed great improvement in concentration and handwriting.  The Monart teachers were excellent.  They were very knowledgeable, creative, supportive and caring people.  I also appreciated peaceful, noncompetitive environment at the school.”

-Lida L.

“In the three months that Emily has attended classes at Monart I have noticed a marked shift in the ways in which she speaks of her drawings.  It used to be that Emily would draw a picture and pronounce it ‘good’ or ‘bad.’  Now Emily brings home her drawings and shows me how she likes the way she has shaded her feather, or how she wishes she had drawn this beak in a different way.  Emily brought home a picture of a cow in a field with a barn in the background.  The cow was a wonderful shade of pink and it was wearing glasses.  When I told her I liked that her cow wore glasses, she explained that she wanted to do the picture in abstract.  She then told me that one boy in her class NEVER wanted to do abstract drawing; that he always wanted his art to look real.  In three months Emily has learned to speak of her drawing in terms of a process rather than a product.  Emily sees the good points of her drawings and she sees the parts she dislikes.  She is able to discuss her art more objectively and with a widening artist’s vocabulary.  I love that she has gained this knowledge and confidence.  Emily’s art work is improving but more importantly her ability to create and analyze the work she creates is giving her the tools she’ll need in order to be a problem solver and an excellent student.”

-Jenny C.

“The art classes my children are currently taking has not only helped them with their creativity, but has also improved their focus and concentration.  My son Braden has shown improvement in his handwriting skills and his ability to cross midline when drawing.  My daughter Hannah has greatly improved the details of her drawings, thus helping her with school projects and other art contests she has entered.  They look forward each week to the class and anticipate the next project!  I highly recommend the art classes at the Monart School of Art.  I believe art is an invaluable tool to be given to children in school and is very important in providing a well-rounded education.”

-Chandi B.

“Monart employs all sorts of media in the classes and Hannah has enjoyed the assortment of projects she has completed.  Perhaps most importantly, I appreciate the analytical skills taught to my daughter by the Monart teachers.  They have her evaluate her work; what she likes about it and what needs improvement.  From this thought process, Hannah comes up with a solution to improve her artwork and she leaves the class feeling proud of her work and what she has accomplished.”

-Joni C.

My daughter attended classes at Monart School of Art as an elementary student.  She loved taking the art lessons and learned many new skills that she uses today.  I was very impressed with the instructors and the method used to teach drawing.  The method used to teach was simple for even very young children to understand and utilize.  It was interesting to see the different styles of each young artist emerging even though they were drawing the same thing.”

-Vanessa O.

“My girls really enjoyed art and have always looked forward to classes.  The Art Park has been a place my family relies upon for high quality extracurricular activities.  I’m thankful for what you provide for my girls–superb art instruction in a trusting, supportive environment.”

-Monica C.

My daughter, age 5, absolutely loves Monart!  She is very literal by nature and taking this class has opened up a space in her creative mind.  She now finds things to create, paint, draw, color at home and proudly claims she is an artist!  Thank you for teaching her so much!”

-Mackenzie W.

“We are so thrilled with all our children have learned and how responsive you all are to our kids.  We love how positive all the Monart teachers are.  To have such kind teachers in their lives is such a blessing to us!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Monica M.

My children, Maria and David (ages 19 and 17) have done some really outstanding art and I am sure it is because of the foundation laid by Monart.  It has also been an excellent way to exercise the creative parts of the brain while giving the other parts of the brain a rest, and that has led to successful problem-solving in some very high-level areas (robotics, programming, engineering design, etc.)  But the best part is the fun and personal expression outlet it has always given them, and continue to give them today.  They actually enjoy and appreciate visual expression in his own way.   Thanks for all you taught them.”

-Sue Ann J.

“Thank you for providing an opportunity for some of our students at Heartspring to participate in the Monart Art classes.  This has been an opportunity for our students to participate in activities that they would not normally be able to do.  The art classes bring a wealth of new opportunities to these students.  They have the opportunity to participate in art classes and attain new skills to express themselves.  While some people may think of Monart classes as an opportunity to draw and color, these classes enhance friendships, community integration, and social skills for these students.  These skills are fundamental in providing Heartspring students the opportunity to reach their full potentials.”

-Janette K., Heartspring Representative

For more info about the Monart guided drawing system please visit www.monart.com.

Totem Pole Project

Lily, age 6
Totem Pole Drawing
and Sculpture

Monart Drawing Classes are more than just art classes. Instructors incorporate history, cultural, environmental and animal facts during each lesson. Typical themes include Art History, the Animal Kingdom, Ancient Cultures, Sculpture, Mixed Media and Characters and Cartoons.

At a recent class at Wheatland Elementary, Lily, age six, created this totem pole sculpture. The theme for the semester was World Cultures. The totem pole lesson was inspired by Costal American Indian art. Students learned that Totem poles are sculptures carved on trunks harvested from gigantic trees. Totem poles communicate important aspects of native culture. Carvings of animals and other characters typically represent ancestors or events in a story. To begin the lesson, the instructor read a book about the art of totem pole making and a traditional Coastal American Indian story. Students were then encouraged to write their own story and draw a totem pole. Next, students wrapped large clay beads with colored clay to create the different parts/animals of their story. Lastly, students assembled their sections in order onto the provided base poles.   As you can see, Lily did a fabulous job drawing her totem pole, dictating her story to the instructor and then sculpting her totem pole. This type of success is typical in Monart Drawing Classes because of the structure and step-by-step process. No two totem poles or stories were alike yet all students were successful.

Lily’s Totem Pole story:  “The bird was trying to catch a fish.  The alligator was trying to catch the same fish!  The bird hit the alligator with its wing and the alligator got scared and jumped.  The alligator fell on a snake in the water and bit a person.  The person jumped and screamed!”

Discover the Monart Difference…

Children, ages 8-12, drew these swans in the same guided Monart lesson and completed their work with oil pastel. Notice the variety in composition, quantity of swans and choice of background scenery. Using the Monart guided drawing method students are given a multitude of choices as the drawings are created so everyone’s is unique. There is enough freedom for creativity, yet enough structure for success. A quiet, safe environment eliminates competition, judgment and fear, increases attention span, encourages problem solving and has proven to raise test scores in reading, writing and math as much as 20%.
Many elementary age students need to learn basic drawing and observation skills. These skills can easily be taught using the patented Monart Drawing method. The method is organized, succinct, sequential and logical while at the same time offers many options for individuality (please reference the swans done in oil pastel) and self-expression. We at Monart believe there is no right or wrong in art. This philosophy enables us to create a safe, non-competitive environment where students of all abilities can be successful. The safe environment allows for students to ask question or for help if needed and learn problem solving skills.

These Burrowing Owl drawings were drawn by students ages 4 – 7; notice the attention to detail, individuality of the compositions, placement, background details, quantity of owls. This individuality was accomplished by the instructor giving the students choices with their works in progress. At Monart School of Art we value creativity and individuality!

portraitsIntermediate and Advanced Students

Ages 12-adult

These classes are taught and developed by former Friends University instructor Charles Baughman. This class is perfect for beginner students through advanced artists. Charles’ specialty is teaching beginner teens and adults how to draw by improving visual perception skills. Once students are comfortable drawing on their own Charles supports students in developing their personal style. In this class, beginner students will follow a guided drawing or painting while advanced students are free to work on independent studies. Advanced students have the benefit of Charles’ expertise during class times but are welcome to join the more structured lessons as well. Lessons will involve drawing from still life, learning about perspective, proportion, and practice drawing exercises and learn proper media usage to further skills.
These self portraits were drawn with crayon and completed with watercolor by students in the Intermediate/Advanced classes at The Art Park. Mr. Baughman has adapted lesson plans he used at the college level including gesture drawing and blind contour drawing for self-portraits. Mr. Baughman’s specialty is teaching reluctant or hesitant teens and adults first how to draw, then helping them develop their personal style through experimentation and drawing exercises.
“I enjoyed classes at The Art Park because they helped me hone my skills, pay attention to detail, and just overall allowed me to grow as an artist. They prepared me for my future plans to study animation by bringing out the best of my talent.”
-Shannon H., teen
“All my life I had been told I had no talent for art. So I just gave up. Then I saw Monart’s slogan “We can teach anyone to draw.” I thought “Not me!” But I still had a desire to learn, so I gave it a try. I began taking a drawing and painting class with Charles, and really enjoyed it although I didn’t think that what I was making was very good. The method he was teaching made sense to me; I could actually do it! It has been four years now and I can’t imagine my life without art class. I continue to let my own expression be what it is and enjoy the wanderings of my mind as I paint. I am so glad I stuck with it. Charles is an exceptional teacher—very accepting and creating an environment where people can learn, really learn. He has taught me so much about materials, techniques, and also about myself. I will be grateful to him forever! This has truly been a life changing experience for me.”
-Susan L, adult
“I have taken art lessons from Charles at The Art Park and have actually created things that I thought I never could at 50 years of age. When they say they can teach anyone to draw, I am proof they can!”
– Denita B.
“I have always appreciated how beneficial Monart has been for my art skills & myself. Art has grown into a future career and something I want to continue to pursue for life. I have learned so many techniques since I started Monart like contour, charcoal, wire sculpture, marker, collage, clay , watercolor and many, many more. As a high school student I go to art class everyday and realize more and more the benefits of attending Monart classes. We have done many projects at school using medias and techniques we have used at Monart. For example, when we did a contour shoe drawings at school I felt I had a ‘one up’ on everyone else because I finished in half the time as my peers and received many positive comments.”
-Elia B., teen