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YMCA Team Building

There’s no question about it, our team-building workshops are fun, with no prior experience necessary! Because of the step-by-step nature of Monart Drawing Program, all participants will be successful and feel comfortable in our safe, non-competitive environment. Regardless of the skill level of your group, we will facilitate creative art activities that are guaranteed to elicit laughter, fun and enjoyment!

Monart School of Art painting and drawing workshops help executives and their teams unleash their creative spirits and open their minds to a whole new way of thinking, problem solving, and working within their businesses and corporations.  These fun, active, and stimulating workshops will help your team cultivate individual and/or collective creativity!

Whether you have to make decisions or perform office tasks on a daily basis, your work can begin to feel like a routine that has no room for creativity and true enjoyment. Performance becomes habitual and less satisfying. Employees begin to perceive their job as a chore, not as an opportunity to create extraordinary results. In this bonding artistic experience, the group will get access to their creative potential, the ability to relate to other team members, see how they can be the catalysts of the company’s well-being, and recognize that creative approach and team work in the workplace can bring greater satisfaction, joy, higher productivity levels, and happiness as a result.

In a two hour painting or drawing workshop, participants will work to create individual art projects or one large group art project. The workshop will be led by a professional artist and certified Monart instructor.  Groups are to use the facilities free of charge for an additional two hours after the workshop for lunch and/or refreshments and brainstorming time with the group. The luncheon after the two-hour art workshop is organized and guided by your team leader. This is a wonderful opportunity to brainstorm new ideas since the “creative juices” are flowing!

The fee for the workshop is $500 for up to 15 people to come to The Art Park for a two-hour workshop, and includes all materials. Fee for 16-30 people is $1,000; fee for 31-45 people is $1,500. The Art Park can accommodate up to 45 people in our larger conference room. We can travel to your office building for an additional fee (Wichita and surrounding area only). The drawing or painting workshop can be tailored to your groups taste. Examples of themes could be: animals of any kind, still life, landscape, holiday motif, famous artists, seasonal landscapes/motifs and flowers. Almost any type of media can be used including watercolor, acrylic paints, printmaking, collage, watercolor pencil, liquid graphite and design marker. You get to choose the theme and the media!

  • Team building exercises help co-workers to appreciate each other, value the differences between people, and respect each other’s opinions. Collegues see that everyone looks at situations and problems differently and that each person’s point of view matters and is valid.
  • A painting or drawing workshop teaches participants how to release stress and unwind with a safe, healthy pastime. Great for high stress professions!
  • Co-workers don’t see others the same again when they go back to the office. They will see a different, human side of their colleagues. The mind opens to see others wonderful ideas, not just their own.
  • The brain switches to a different mode, and the person is able to maintain this creative state, multitasking without getting fatigued, while greatly enhancing productivity.
  • Willingness to “think outside the box,” seeking more creative ways to perform a task.
  • We believe there are no mistakes in art and it’s okay to make something you don’t like. We will teach you skills to problem solve with your art piece to gain greater satisfaction. This approach is a springboard for creative problem solving in other areas. Creative problem solving may lead to a new approach, a valuable alternative, or even a breakthrough for the company.
  • Appreciation of the opportunity builds loyalty to the company that provided this workshop experience; it is a fun way to build a team and enjoy a new recreational experience!