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2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR, Second Child ½ Price!


FIRST STEPS (Ages: 2 ½ – 5) 

Our youngest artists have fun experimenting with different media and making process art while improving hand-eye coordination, problem solving and sequencing.  Former WCS pre-school teacher Kate Pepper developed the First Steps program.  Please visit our website for a complete description and photos of students in action.

Wed. 9:30-11:00 or Thurs. 9:30-11:00

GETTING READY (Ages: 4 ½ – 7) 

This class introduces representational drawing geared to the attention span and motor coordination of the beginner artist.  Children master the ability to recognize the elements of shape and combine them in drawing animals, characters and still life.  Occasional heritage crafts, sculpture or holiday art are also part of the lesson plans.

Mon. 1:00-2:00; Wed. 5:00-6:00; Thurs. 5:00-6:00; Sat. 10:00-11:00

BASIC DRAWING (Ages: 7-12) 

A relaxed, comfortable atmosphere challenges students to learn the basics and progress to intermediate projects. Students will draw from still life and 3-dimensional objects, photos, illustrations and their imaginations.  Occasional heritage crafts, sculpture or holiday art are also part of the lesson plans.  Beginner adults welcome too!

Mon. 1:00-2:00; Wed. 5:00-6:00; Thurs. 5:00-6:00: Sat. 10:00-11:00


We have two different options for homeschool families – weekly classes or workshops.  Register for any of the regularly scheduled weekly classes and use these promo codes for the homeschool discount: FALLHS, WINTERHS, SPRINGHS (25% off for first child, 50% off for additional children).  Our budget friendly homeschool workshops are $12 pp; Monart, Lego, Tinkering and Science Workshops meet every Thursday 1:00-2:00, please visit our website for full program descriptions, schedule, themes, age ranges and to enroll.


These classes are taught and developed by former Friends University instructor Charles Baughman.  Charles’ specialty is teaching beginner teens and adults how to draw by improving visual perception skills and supporting students in developing their personal style.  In this class, beginner students will follow a guided drawing or painting while advanced students are free to work on independent studies. Lessons will involve drawing from still life, learning about perspective and proportion. Students will practice drawing exercises and learn proper media usage to further skills.

Mon. 9:30-11:30 or 4:30-6:00; Wed. 9:30-11:30


Students will enjoy creating individually and as a team to make decorative sculpture, toys, games and 3D art.  Tinkering with materials is important because it helps designers learn how things work and is at the heart of invention.  Students will enjoy making projects from various disciplines such as clay, assemblage, woodworking, embroidery, collage and more!  This class is perfect for any curious kid that likes to fiddle, tinker, build, test, explore, make, experiment, get messy, create or invent.

Wed. 5:00-6:00


For any child who likes to build!  We use curriculum designed by Lego Corp. including Story Starters & Simple Machines as well as fun technology with iPads, Botley Robots, Spheros and Lego Robotics.  Our creative Lego program is geared for fun and learning with new Lego engineering challenges each week.  Please click the Learning With Legos tab on the website, to see a detailed program description.

Tue. 5:00-6:00


Young Chefs cooking classes encourage discovery, creativity and trying new foods. While learning food preparation skills is the main focus, each class also incorporates kitchen safety, cooking terms and language, etiquette, table setting, menu planning, and fun food related games or crafts. A new menu item will be created and eaten in class each week; *hopefully* there will be samples to send home for everyone to try.

Mon. 4:30-6:00


The school year is divided into three semesters and you pre-pay for part of the current semester.  Decide which day/time you can consistently come to and then attend as many class periods as you can, we will keep track of attendance.  If all classes are attended the extra tuition is due at the end of the semester.  One missed class does not need to be “made-up,” as this is a flexible attendance plan.  Unused tuition/classes cannot be carried over to a new semester, refunded or credited.  Enrollment mid-semester is acceptable upon availability.  Once camp/class/workshop registration has been completed it is final (after all, registration is how we make hiring, scheduling and supply order decisions).  If a student is unable to attend an event the tuition may be transferable to another student or camp subject to availability.  We reserve the right to combine classes/camps/workshops due to low enrollment or subject compatibility.  A variety of media will be used in art classes and is included in tuition: oil and chalk pastel, charcoal, watercolor, design marker, graphite, colored pencil, wax pastel, collage and sculpture materials.  Every effort is made to keep students clean, but accidents happen so please dress for a mess.


FALL SEMESTER, Sept. 5 – Nov. 28: 

We are holding class for 11 weeks.  Pre-pay for 10 & choose which dates you can attend

No class: Oct. 31 or Nov. 20-25, 29, 30.  

*Annual $15 registration fee due for new students.  Second child ½ price!

1 HOUR: $185.00           1 ½ HOUR: $210.00                 2 HOUR: $260.00

WINTER SEMESTER, Dec. 2 – Feb. 29: 

We are holding class for 11 weeks.  Pre-pay for10 & choose which dates you can attend.

No class Dec. 19-Jan. 1, classes resume Jan. 2.

*Annual $15 registration fee due for new students.  Second child ½ price!

1 HOUR: $185.00           1 ½ HOUR: $210.00                 2 HOUR: $260.00

SPRING SEMESTER, Mar. 2 – May 25: 

We are holding class for 11 weeks, pre-pay for 10 & choose which dates you can attend.

No class: Mar. 11-16, spring break.

 *Annual $15 registration fee due for new students. Second child ½ price!

1 HOUR: $185.00           1 ½ HOUR: $210.00                 2 HOUR: $260.00