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Come have a fun, enriching experience during Kids Day Out! Children will get creative rotating between art and craft stations, have center time, play outside weather permitting, participate in PE class, dance, twirling and/or music theatre. A variety of art materials will be used each day; dress in clothes that can get messy, wear tennis shoes and sunscreen.  

Children under Kindergarten age MUST register for half day due to KDHE regulations. 

*ALL STUDENTS:  Bring a backpack, lunch, snacks, water bottle, we go outside in most weather.  Please make sure items are labeled with names. Wear tennis shoes & dress for a mess.*

Geared Towards Students Aged 4 – 12 Years Old 

Half Day Option: 9:00-12:30, $30 per person, per day (bring a lunch, we eat lunch at 11:00)

Full Day Option: 9:00-4:00, $45 per person, per day

(only available for students K-12 yrs.)

Feb. 16: Lego Day: Design and build a fantasy playground! Students will enjoy learning how to use graph paper to sketch their designs.  Indoor snowball fight too!

Feb. 19: Lego Day: Travel around the world and build famous landmarks with your friends. Students will also enjoy a special Lego art project.

Mar. 8: Cute Animals Theme: Draw a llama and color in with Copic design markers. Don’t miss out on fun llama crafts too!

Mar. 11: Cute Animals Theme: Paint a fennec fox with acrylic paints and learn about the harsh African desert they call home. Wear clothes that can get messy!

Mar. 12: Cute Animals Theme: Draw an axolotl in an underwater scene with watercolor crayons. Wear your axolotl t-shirts if you have one!

Mar. 13: Cute Animals Theme: Draw a fairy penguin and habitat with oil pastels. Students will also enjoy cute penguin Shrinky Dink crafts.

Mar. 14: Cute Animals Theme: Paint a pygmy hippo with watercolor & wax resist.

Mar. 15: Cute Animal Theme: Students will create their own textured paper to use to collage a cute koala in a eucalyptus tree. Students will also enjoy hearing traditional Australian stories about the creation of the koala.

Mar. 29: Lego Master Builder Day: Create a jungle canopy alive with Lego birds and animals. Students will create a cool cardboard toucan sculpture to take home.

Apr. 1: Tinker Lab: make a duct tape bookmark, bracelet or keychain.

May. 24: Our Natural World: Kiddos will have fun participating in a campus wide scavenger hunt learning about birds, nests and eggs, using a microscope and examining insect and plant specimens with a magnifying glass.

May. 28: Tinker Lab: Super Heroes! Create your own super hero figurine, decorate a felt mask and play imaginative games at afternoon specials.

May. 29: Fun in the sun! Bring your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen for fun water and sensory play on the playground.

May. 30, Mazes, Mandalas and Labyrinths Oh My! We will be learning about and making all three in this fun tinkering day. This day will focus on students’ collaboration and cooperation to achieve massive creations.

May. 31, Dolphin Day: Make a dolphin out of clay and a coral reef out of junk art!