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All workshops meet Thursdays 1:00-2:00. Tuition for each class is $12 pp, all materials provided.

Please drop off your student at the door; classes will begin and end promptly, so please be timely.  To help us maintain a quiet atmosphere in the entire building; the outside playground is at your disposal. 

Want to learn to draw?  Whether you want to learn the basics of drawing or improve existing drawing skills, these are the classes for you!  Instructors will show you new techniques and provide professional quality materials to complete your artwork.  This guided step-by-step method improves visual perception skills by breaking down the subject matter for people of all ages to see and follow along.  The patented Monart Drawing Method was designed by leading art educator Mona Brookes, author of Drawing with Children and Drawing For Older Teens and Adults.  In these monthly workshops, students have fun using provided media while learning to draw.  Because everyone works at a different pace, it is best to have materials to finish up with at home if necessary; click on the “Supplies” tab on our website for a list of materials we use.  Classes are divided loosely by ages 4 ½-7 and 8-12 and Teen.  Weekly Monart classes are also an option – homeschool families can use these promo codes at checkout: FALLHS, WINTERHS, SPRINGHS on any of our weekly classes to receive a 25-50% tuition discount.

The Science Club curriculum is designed by The Art Park staff and is perfect for students interested in learning more about the world around them and how things work. Science Club is ideal for students interested in science, math, engineering, literature, creating, exploring, analyzing data, and working with other students with similar interests. Each workshop will bring a new theme meant to expose students to a variety of science concepts; students are encouraged to ask questions and investigate the concepts. We want to help students actively engage in science learning by integrating both science and engineering practices. Each class will involve a series of core concept ideas, along with an engineering component where students will have the opportunity to practice working both independently and as a team in order to foster collaboration, communication, and social skills. Geared for ages: 6-12.

Learning With Legos workshops are ideal for both boys and girls that have an interest in science, math, building, invention, machines, or enjoy working with their hands.  Legos are the perfect medium to build with to improve fine motor skills, task completion, teamwork, cooperation, and to enhance visual perception skills and spatial awareness.  Each workshop will have a unique theme that ties in with a piece of literature and a famous architect.  Students will be introduced to the engineering design and construction process, blueprints, learn new vocabulary, create a floorplan on graph paper, and hone problem solving skills as they build their design.  Geared for ages: 6-12

Tinker Lab is great for anyone that likes hands on experiences, building and likes to get a little messy!  Tinkering is important because it helps children understand how things are made and work and encourages them to explore and test ideas which is at the heart of invention.  Tinkering is all about problem solving, learning from failures and working creatively to explore new ideas with various materials.  Tool use will be closely monitored for safety and proper usage will be demonstrated.  Your children will love sifting through our bins of building materials each month to complete a fresh tinker-build.  Geared for ages: 6-12




8 – Monart drawing, Seahorse with Oil Pastel

15 – Tinker Lab, Make a Robot: tinker, build and play to make a robot out of our junk!

22 – Science Club, Cyanotype Printing Press Flowers: engage curiosity and creativity while learning about environmental science.

29 – Learning With Legos, Architecture Challenge: Bridges.  Learn about and build different types of and styles of bridges and compete in a bridge strength competition!  How many bricks can your bridge support???


6 – Monart Drawing, Seal with Mixed Media

13 – Tinker Lab, Haunted House and Silly Monsters: design and build a haunted house with recyclable materials.

20 – Science Club, Creepy Crawlies in Nature: observe bugs and insects using magnifying glasses and a microscope and learn why they’re important to our natural world.

27 – Learning With Legos, Architecture Challenge: Skyscraper vs. Earthquake.  How do architects and engineers design buildings to withstand earthquakes? Make a shake table & Lego skyscraper to test the prototype.


3 – Monart Drawing, Jellyfish with Wax Resist and Watercolor

10 – Tinker Lab, Make a Junk Art Turkey: make a Thanksgiving centerpiece from material.

17 – Science Club, Apple and Pumpkin Experiments: fun seasonal science experiments, learn about catalysts and reactions.


1 – Monart Drawing, Sea Turtle with Design Marker

8 – Tinker Lab, Christmas Tinker Trees: decorate a wooden tree with vintage jewelry and learn how electricity works in a science station with Ms. Lisa.

15 – Science Club, Snowflakes and Blizzards: Study snowflakes under the microscope and experiment with homemade snow to make blizzards and fun sensory bins to take home.


5 – Monart Drawing, Triggerfish with Watercolor Pencils

12 – Tinker Lab, Fantasy Automobile: tinker and build your dream car or futuristic space craft.

19 – Science Club, Animal Architects: discover how animal architects build their own homes and natural structures.

26 – Learning With Legos, Architecture Challenge: Igloos.  Why do Inuit people build igloos?  Learn about Inuit architecture and culture while building your own prototype.


2- Monart Drawing, Shark with Wax Pastels

9 – Tinker Lab, Rocket Ship: build and launch a model bottle rocket ship.

16 – Science Club, Bird Nests and flying: how do birds fly and what is the science behind their nests?

23 – Learning With Legos, Architecture Challenge: Castles, Catapults & Catastrophes. Can your catapult’s projectiles penetrate your classmates’ castles???  Bring it on!


2 – Monart Drawing, Beach Collage

9 – Tinker Lab, Marble Maze Extravaganza!  Using household and recycle-able materials build and race marble tracks and learn about Rube Goldberg and his crazy contraptions.

23 – Science Club, Potions, Wands and Color Mixing: learn about the color wheel, color explosions, make a wand & play with reactive potions.

30 – Learning With Legos, Architecture Challenge: Tiny Home Design.  Look at tiny home architecture and build your own model to take with you.


6 – Monart Drawing, Giant Squid with Oil Pastel

13 – Tinker Lab, Mandala Challenge with Loose Parts: design and build a Mandala together with a variety of loose parts.

20 – Science Club, Earth Day Seed Bombs and Flower Solar Prints: make pollinator seed bombs and solar prints with flowers from our garden.

27 – Learning With Legos, Architecture Challenge: Chicken Coop Design Challenge. What makes a good chicken coop?  Let’s find out!  Students will also enjoy a visit from a live chick!


4 – Monart Drawing, Dolphin with Coral Reef, Mixed Media

11 – Tinker Lab, Mosaic with Lids: students will enjoy working together to create a large-scale work of art that will be displayed on grounds of The Art Park and take home a mini animal bead mosaic.

18 – Science Club, Nature Scavenger Hunt at The Art Park: take part in a scavenger hunt exploring our grounds for signs of animals, insects and discover the beautiful blooms in our gardens.

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At the Monart School of Art we strive to provide the very highest quality of art education.  This is accomplished two-fold because of our patented method and our extremely qualified teachers.  Join us and discover the Monart difference:

  • Students use professional grade materials & learn how to use materials properly
  • Our teachers are educators that have taught in the classroom as well as artists that show on the national level
  • We use a progressive curriculum that builds skill levels and teaches independent creativity and three-dimensionality. Our students don’t just copy pictures and the teachers’ line-by-line drawing; they learn to draw from real objects
  • We limit our class size to maintain an organized and structured setting where all students receive attention
  • Our safe environment allows students to feel comfortable asking questions and learning problem solving techniques. Monart teachers are trained extensively in how to achieve a variety of creative results from the same lesson plan
  • We teach serious drawing skills with many side benefits to academics while students enjoy learning new skills