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When we say “We can teach anyone how to draw” we really mean it! Our patented, step-by- step method is perfect for the beginner though intermediate level artist. Advanced artists will benefit from the drawing challenges and exercises assigned. Our classrooms are safe, comfortable environments where students feel free to create and problem solve. We believe there is no right or wrong, better or best, or “mistakes” in art. We believe it is an opportunity to problem solve and grow as an artist. Come discover the Monart difference!

First Steps Camps    Ages: 3-5     1:00-3:00pm

Join us for fun making crafts, reading stories and learning about animals. Students will experience a “mini” drawing lesson while practicing cutting, pasting, sorting and following directions. This is the perfect stepping stone for any child who has not started a formal pre-school.

Tuition is $90.00 for three afternoons and includes all supplies

Getting Ready Camps    Ages: 4 ½ – 7     1:00-3:00pm

Each three day camp will focus on a different theme. In addition to a guided drawing lesson, students will be exposed to a variety of related literature and complete a craft or clay project. Four year olds must have prior pre-school experience.

Tuition is $90.00 for three afternoons and includes all supplies.

  • Star Wars Rogue One   Aug. 7-9 May the force be with you! Come draw K-2SO and other characters, make a robot pencil holder out of junk art and have fun painting a galaxy with watercolor and resist.


  • Forrest Friends   Aug. 7-9 Can you guess these animals: I am nocturnal and eat rodents; I am prickly and live in Europe; I am tall and loose my antlers each year; I am crafty and have a bushy tail. Come to camp and see if you guessed right! Make a clay owl and add backgrounds with textured rubbing plates.


  • Watercolor and Acrylics   Aug. 14-16 Each day students will learn several new watercolor and acrylics techniques to complete one-of- a-kind masterpieces. Subject matter includes a lion, large-scale flower blooms, blow paint creatures and a sailboat on a lake.


  • Ancient Egypt    Aug. 14-16 Draw a scarab, the sarcophagus of King Tut, a hippo drawing and Model Magic sculpture and decopage an acrylic pyramid.


Basic Drawing Camps    Ages: 8-12     1:00-3:00pm

Each three-day camp will focus on a different theme. Drawings are guided: perfect for the elementary age student, or someone older who needs basic skills, or who wants to learn new or improve existing skills. Students will experiment with mixed media techniques and complete several drawings; some correlating advanced crafts included.

Tuition is $90.00 for three afternoons and includes all supplies.

  • Star Wars Rogue One    Aug. 7-9 May the force be with you! Come draw K-2SO and other characters, make a robot pencil holder out of junk art and have fun painting a galaxy with watercolor and resist.


  • Deadly Animals    Aug. 14-16 Draw and learn about dangerous animals including the crocodilian family, wolves, and deadly snakes. Crafts include collaging a crazy creature out of fur patterned paper and using Model Magic to make a deadly creature of your own imagination.


Young Chefs Cooking Camps    1:00-3:00pm

Each day students will participate in baking/cooking projects, eat a snack and take treats home to share! Meets in the Young Chefs Kitchen.

Tuition is $90.00 for three afternoons and includes all supplies.

Weekly Classes at the Monart School of Art

Summer enrollment procedure: We are holding class for 11 weeks: June 5th – Aug. 19th. Pre-pay for 10 classes and choose which dates you can attend. If you attend all 11 classes, tuition for the last class will be due the first week of August (Tues. students plan to attend one week at an alternate time because of the 4th of July holiday). Students are welcome to start mid-semester upon availability. Prices are as follows for 10 weeks and includes the once a year $15 per person registration fee and all supplies.


 Mini Masterpieces Family Workshops

In these monthly workshops, families have fun working side by side to create “mini masterpieces.”  Each participant will paint on a small, wooden canvas with high quality acrylics and add optional fun embellishments such as glitter, googly eyes, sequins, buttons and more!  Monart is unlike any other step-by-step painting class: we specialize in art education for children and beginner adults–no experience necessary!  We use high quality materials, and the lessons are designed for success for all ages.  Workshops are geared for ages 3-adult, family groupings will be determined by the age of the child upon enrollment.  Children age 8 and up can participate in the class unaccompanied by an adult.  Join us and discover the Monart difference!

Meets: 6:30-7:30

Tuition for once a month class$15.00 per person and includes a pizza dinner and all the art supplies!  

Parents plan on participating – this is a family event!

August 18th: Cactus


Kid’s Day Out Camps

Come have a fun, enriching experience when school is out!  Children will get creative making art projects, have center time, play outside weather permitting, do gym class with Coach Dave from the Wichita Angels and music theatre with Miss Marcee from Music Together.  A variety of art materials will be used each day, dress in clothes that can get dirty.  Please bring a sack lunch and snacks.

Meets: 9:00-4:00pm

Where: Monart School of Art at The Art Park

Ages: Geared for ages 4-12

Tuition: $40 per person, per day

August 11th-  Cars III: draw your favorite characters, design and build your own car with Legos and compete in a race, next build a new model car out of junk art to take home.


August 18th-  Vermeer:  Learn about facial proportions as we make a reproduction of “The Girl with the Pearl Earring.”  The blue headband in the original oil painting was made with powdered lapis lazuli – learn about how painters mixed and made their paints by mixing your own powdered tempera paints!