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Registration and Tuition

Please fill out the registration form completely – this information could be vital in the event of an emergency. An annual $15 per person registration fee is applicable with the first months’ tuition. This fee helps to set up an Artsonia account and supports our annual spring Art Show, which is in April at The Art Park.

There are two payment/attendance options for classes at The Art Park – monthly or semester. The monthly classes can be started or stopped at any time and tuition is paid monthly by automatic credit card billing. Semester enrollment is a flexible attendance plan. The school year is divided into three semesters. Decide which day/time you can consistently come to and pre-pay for all but one class from the current semester. If you attend all the classes the one “extra” class will be added to your next semesters’ tuition. Unused tuition/classes cannot be carried over to the next semester.


Students who pay on a monthly basis are allowed two weeks to make-up a class which has been missed due to travel or illness. For students who pay on a semester basis, one class can be missed without needing to be made up. If more than one class is missed, please contact your child’s teacher. Make-ups must be scheduled in advance and depend on class availability. For your scheduling convenience, students may bring a friend or family member to make-up for the missed class. Make-up days are also a perfect opportunity to work on any unfinished art pieces from their folders.


Please give two weeks written notification to discontinue classes. We assume you will be attending class the next month/semester unless you notify us otherwise. Any additional pertinent information can be left in the tuition box located inside the front door.

Parking Lot and Classroom Policies

At arrival time you are welcome to pull into the “no parking” zone to drop off older students. If your child cannot open the door independently please park in a stall and bring them inside. Students will be dismissed outside by the fishpond. Please park your car, walk over and collect your student. The main thorough fair needs to be kept clear and all cars need to be parked in a stall at dismissal. Students are not allowed to walk to parked cars by themselves. We need everyone to be safe!!!

While inside, please keep all children off the stairs. The noise can be disruptive to the other businesses as well as our front classroom.

Unfinished Artwork

Students will not always finish a piece of art the day it is drawn so a folder is kept here and a “finish-up” day is scheduled every 6-8 weeks. Please leave all unfinished work here so students can have the opportunity to use our high quality materials to finish it.

Holidays and Closings

Please call if schools are closed due to weather. The weather often clears up by the afternoon so we do not automatically cancel class if the schools are closed. Our voicemail will update you with any cancellations or check the local TV and radio news stations. In the event there is a snow day and class is cancelled we will hold class an extra ½ hour the next week in an effort to make-up. Signs will be posted on the front door when class is not in session and you will be pro-rated.


Artsonia is an internet based company specializing in reproducing artwork into a variety of products such as coffee mugs, t-shirts and note cards. Each student has their own “gallery” on-line that your family members can visit and view the work or make a purchase. Only copies of student artwork are displayed on Artsonia. Once the student has artwork published on Artsonia, you will be given an access code. Support your artist by buying one-of-a-kind products from Artsonia!

Art Shows

Student artwork is frequently displayed at various establishments in the Wichita area. Art show participants’ names are posted in the foyer area on the bulletin board. Students enjoy visiting their displayed artwork and are very proud to have their work seen in public places. We encourage you to make the outing and don’t forget your camera!