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Camps begin June 5th and meets 9:00-4:00pm Mon.-Fri.

Campers rotate between Monart camps, A+ Twirling Academy, PE with Coach Dave, Dream Big Dance & Acrobatics Studio, Music Theatre camps with Miss Marcee, instrumental and vocal music with Music Scene and a field trip each Thursday.  Bring a lunch, snack & water bottle each day.  Geared for age K-5th gr.  Campers can be dropped off as early as 8:45 am.  Tuition is $250 per week & includes supplies.  

Thank you for choosing The Art Park for your child’s summer educational experience.  We have tons of skill building activities and can’t wait to get started!  Our first priority is to provide developmentally appropriate experiences and activities in a positive educational environment, which is conducive to the children’s safety, health, and welfare.  The Art Park is very selective when choosing staff to work with your children. All of our teachers have early childhood classroom experience, are First Aid and CPR certified and have completed Virtus training. Our staff follows a daily routine to ensure consistency (please see schedule and payment tabs below).

Weekly Schedule






9:00 AM-10:00 AM Drop off on playground, warm up exercises with Dream Big Staff
10:00 AM-12:00 PM Music Theater with Miss Marcee Field Trips, some extra fees may occur Monart Drawing Camp
12:00 PM-1:00 PM Lunch and recess
1:00 PM-3:00 PM Monart Camp Music, Music Scene Staff PE with Coach Dave/Yoga
3:00 PM-4:00 PM Dance/ Acrobatics/ Twirling
*In addition to the planned activities, the boys and girls have opportunities to relax, read quietly, and learn through fun activities that includes games, puzzles, dramatic play, building activities, puppets, housekeeping and more.


Monart School of Art:  The patented Monart method improves hand eye coordination, problem solving skills, spatial awareness, task completion and the ability to follow multiple part directions.  Students will be exposed to variety of new media and sculpture techniques and taught how to properly use that media all while developing their personal style and honing drawing skills.  Subject matter will include animals and habitat, famous artists, cartooning and still life.  Students will complete more than a dozen works of art each week!

A+ Twirling Academy: Campers will have the experience working both as an individual and in a group as they improve rhythm and movement, core strength, agility, hand eye coordination, physical strength and over all fitness.  This is accomplished by learning routines, practicing with batons, flags and other interesting equipment.  Miss Tammy has taught for more than 20 years and brings with her a wealth of knowledge about choreography and competitions and enjoys introducing children to the sport of twirling.

Music Theatre with Miss Marcee: Each camp will include songs that will spark your child’s creativity, themed dances, improv games, basic acting skills and theatre language.  This all happens in a fun and supportive environment that will help your child grow in their confidence and rhetoric skills.  The children will write and perform a short play each week, parents are welcome to attend.  If you are unable to attend view the play on our Facebook page.  Miss Marcee owns the Music Together studio on campus and works with infants-elementary aged children.  Marcee also teaches theatre at the Classical School and has directed the Christian Youth Theatre for several years.

Music Scene:  Students will use movement, games, stories, and group activities to explore the fundamentals of music including rhythm, beat, pitch and harmony.  Through singing, playing, and listening together, your child will grow in their love of music.  Music Scene offers private music lessons for all ages. Their staff consists of current and retired classroom teachers, college students and professional musicians.

Dream Big Dance and Acrobatic Studio:  Students will focus on techniques to help strengthen muscles, learn proper form and dance terminology, all while fine tuning technique.  Boys and Girls will enjoy working together on exciting dance and floor mat tumbling and acrobatics routines.  Great for beginners of any age, no experience necessary!  April and her staff will help all levels of students feel comfortable in trying something new.

PE with Coach Dave:  Physical Education teaches students about strength & conditioning, flexibility, health, agility and skills for kicking, throwing, catching, running, jumping, and hitting a ball.  PE classes also teach teamwork, rules for different sports, and strategies of the game!  Campers will receive skill instruction, character development, and game experience in a supportive environment that will help them grow physically and socially.

Yoga for Kid’s:     Yoga has many benefits for children including the development of body awareness, concentration and an increase of confidence and positive self-image.  Boys and Girls will feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group and learn how to manage stress through fun games, stretches, classic and new yoga poses, breathing techniques and healthy movement.


Field Trips: Each Thursday morning students will leave campus for a field trip.  Locations include Make ICT, WSU Go Create Lab, Great Plains Nature Center, Sedgwick County Zoo, Northrock Lanes and the Rockwell Library.

Late Pick-up Fee:   A late pickup fee shall be charged and collected if a child is not picked up by 4:15 pm. Fees accrue at the rate of one dollar for each minute late per child; late pick-up payment is expected at pick-up.

Emergency, Accident or Injury, Allergies & Medical Conditions:  The staff at The Art Park makes every effort to ensure the safety of your child. Unfortunately, accidents may occur. In the event of a medical emergency or injury, the staff will do the following:

In a non-life threatening situation or injury: A staff member will administer first aid.  The parent will be informed as to the injury when they pick up their child.

In a life-threatening situation or severe injury: A staff member will stay with the child and send someone to call 911.  The parent will be called and the emergency contacts if a parent cannot be reached.  A staff member will accompany the child to the hospital or doctor’s office if parent is not available and stay with the child until a parent/guardian arrives.

If severe weather/a tornado occurs, we will immediately move to the basement for protection.

Illness:  If a child wakes up ill before camp, please do not bring them to The Art Park.  If a child displays one or more of the following symptoms while in our camp, the parents will be contacted and expected to pick up the child immediately: Fever of 101 degrees or higher, vomiting, diarrhea, acute illness or severe pain, or any other contagious illness.  Until the parent arrives, the child will be isolated from the other children, supervised by a staff member and kept as comfortable as possible.  Tuition will be credited for illness if notified before camp begins.

Behavior Policy:  We make every effort to recognize and encourage acceptable behavior. Consistent rules and routines, clear direction and explanations, and positive guidance and encouragement are all part of our behavior policy.  Our goal is to help children learn self-control and how to be responsible for their own behavior.  Discipline consists of positive reinforcement, re-directive activities and time for reflection.  Parents are notified when misbehavior occurs and of any continuing problems. Continuous misbehavior may result in suspension or dismissal from the program.

Program Rules:  We treat each other with respect and kindness, share materials, listen when others speak, respect the property of others, keep our hands and feet to ourselves, refrain from using hurtful language, include all students in activities and help clean up the activity.

Outdoor Play:   We believe that children need fresh air and physical activity daily. Children will be dropped off in the morning on the playground for approximately one hour of outdoor physical activity, weather permitting.  If the heat index or temperature is above 95 degrees we will have indoor center time at lunch recess.  Weather permitting, children will enjoy the playground, gardens and labyrinth at The Art Park as well as nature walks and scavenger hunts in the surrounding neighborhood.

Snacks :   Please provide your child a healthy snack each day.  Please avoid sugary treats such as fruit snacks/roll-ups, candy, sugar coated cereal or sugary drinks.  Children behave and learn better with a snack packed with protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  Some ideas could include: nuts, a peanut butter sandwich (barring allergies), yogurt, cheese stick, hummus and crackers, veggies and dip or fruit.  Water is available with snack.

Clothing:  Please dress your child in comfortable play clothes and tennis shoes each day.  We will be playing outside, painting, crafting, exploring, gardening, and getting dirty in general!  The Art Park is not responsible for any damage to clothing.

Meets 9:00-4:00pm Monday-Friday At The Art Park, Ages: K-5th grade

Tuition: $250 per week  

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