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Join local artist and educator, Kate Pepper, in a six lesson series where she leads young artists and scientists through a guided lesson. ALL CONSUMABLE SUPPLIES WILL BE PROVIDED TO YOU in a take home packet.  Lessons will be pre-recorded so your child can pause when necessary and not worry about glitches during the lesson. Geared for ages 6-12.


This activity pack + online class is perfect for anyone that is interested in science, our earth, rocks and building with their hands.  Projects include breaking open real geodes, make a model of the layers of Earth, create dinosaur fossils with plaster, craft a pet rock and learn about crystals and semi-precious gems.  Supplies will be delivered to YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL between Sept. 20-30 (ANDOVER district delivery between Oct. 1-10th) and sent home with your child.

Tuition is $65 for the six lessons (includes all supplies), second child is ½ price!