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Hello and thank you for your interest in our unique home art activity packs! These fun activities are designed by local artist and business owner, Kate Pepper. Kate and her husband, Charles Baughman, own The Art Park and teach people of all ages how to draw, paint and make creations with dozens of media in their hands-on classes at their studio.
However, not everyone can come to the studio so Kate has carefully designed these unique projects to do at home. Creative children ages 2-10 will all enjoy these activities. Each activity pack contains directions/photos to complete four projects, all materials and embellishments, a simple step by step drawing activity, coloring pages and or worksheets. Younger students will need some extra help from an adult. Older children will enjoy using the pieces to independently create their own version of the activities. The only supply you need to have at home is scissors!

Each activity pack contains supplies to complete four activities for one person and is $40. 

Need more pieces of the same pack for another child? Add an identical second pack for only $20! Now everyone can join the fun!

Shipping is $10 Per Activity Pack, however curb side pick-up is available by contacting us at 316-683-2500 or theartparkwichita@cox.net



Easter Pack – Hatching Chick, Easter Bunny Collage, 3D Felt Egg Craft, Nesting Bird

Backyard Bugs Pack I – Butterfly, Caterpillar, Ladybug, Honeybee

Backyard Bugs Pack II – Dragonfly, Beetle, Snail, Create a Bug

Rainbow Pack – Luna Moth, Rainbow, Rainbow Fish, Rainbow Butterfly

Pet Pack I – Spotted Dog, Calico Cat, Bunny, Parrot

Pet Pack II – Dachshund, Pink Kitten, Snake, Mouse

Pet Pack III – Poodle, Goldfish, Gecko, Lop Ear Bunny

Zoo Animals Pack I – Tiger, Zebra, Gorilla, Crocodile

Zoo Animals Pack II – Lion, Panda, Elephant, Giraffe

Zoo Animals Pack III – Koala, Peacock, Flamingo, Snake

Jungle Pack I – Parrot, Jaguar, Toucan, Boa

Jungle Pack II – Blue Morpho Butterfly, Monkey, Sloth, Tree Frog

Farm Pack I – Pig, Duck, Cow, Barn

Farm Pack II – Goat, Llama, Goose, Chicken

Farm Pack III – Sheep, Horse, Donkey, Farmer

Pirate PackTreasure Map, Pirate Hat, Whale, Sailboat Collage, Treasure

Robot Pack – Junk Art Robot, Robot Collage, Robot Pet, Tin Man

Princess Pack – Foam Crown, Wand, Princess Puppet, Collage Dragon

Mermaid Pack – Mermaid Doll, Collage Crab, 3D Sea Creature, Collage Mermaid

Sculpture Pack – Rocking Paper Bird, Robot, Clay Snail, Snake Bookmark

Kansas Animals – Meadowlark Collage, 3D Box Turtle, Clay Sunflower, Cowboy Collage

Unicorn Pack I – Unicorn Collage, 3D pose-able Unicorn, Horn Headband, Rainbow Craft

Unicorn Pack II – Unicorn Face Mask, Collage, Unicorn Poop, 3D Unicorn Craft

Dragons – Dragon Sculpture, Clay Egg, Dragon Mask, Flying Puppet

Modern Art Pack – Learn about: Picasso, Matisse and Summer Wheat

Collage Creatures – Dragon, Phoenix, Unicorn, Gnome

Star Wars – Ewok, Chewbacca, Baby Yoda, Droid Craft

Jewelry Design Pack – Crystal necklace, Glitter pendant, Imitation leather bracelet, Clay beads

Halloween Spooky Pack – Spider web painting, Black cat, Silly monster craft, Junk art pumpkin

Thanksgiving – Tin Can Turkey, Autumn Tree Collage, Jar Lantern, Hibernating Bear Collage

Christmas – Snow Globe, Gingerbread House Collage, Paper Christmas Tree Craft, Air Dry Clay Snowman

Ornament Pack – Sparkly Snowflake, Glitter Hearts, Mosaic Tile, Snowman Family

Winter Animals Pack – Snowy Owl Craft, Air Dry Clay Bear, Cardinal Paper Craft, Fox Collage

Each Science Pack contains supplies to complete four activities for one person and is $50.
Need more pieces of the same pack for another child? Add an identical second Science Pack for only $25!

Shipping is $10 Per Activity Pack, however curb side pick-up is available by contacting us at 316-683-2500 or theartparkwichita@cox.net

Science Exploration Pack I – Geo Kids Theme – Earth Core Model, Make a Pet Rock, Geode Cracking, Rock Identifications

Science Explorations Pack II – Harry Potter Science – Hagrid’s Hut Engineer Challenge, Potion Making, Flying Snitch Catapult, Make Troll Snot

Science Exploration Pack III – Fossil Hunters – Make Dino Fossils, Dino Egg Cracking, Fossil Imprints, 3D Design Challenge


All consumable art supplies needed for the project will be included in the kit, however, you may want these items as well:
1. Scissors are a must have!
2. Low-temp hot glue gun for embellishments such as buttons, pipe cleaners, large googly eyes, seashells, beads, etc. (Adult use only!)
3. Do-A-Dot sponge tip markers
4. A pad of multi-colored construction paper to make additional creations
5. Washable markers or crayons for drawing and adding details
6. Glitter glue for stars or sparkly areas
7. Kwik Stix solid tempera paint sticks
8. Pad of inexpensive drawing paper for the simple drawing exercises


1. The examples are mere guidelines–if your child has a different idea for the outcome, encourage them to go for it!
2. The younger your child, the more adult supervision they will need. We strongly recommend only adults use the low-temp hot glue gun, no matter the age of the child.
3. Some children may require your help, no matter what age, with the drawing exercises. We encourage you to sit beside your child and draw in a step-by-step guided fashion. Be patient and resist the urge to hold their hand and do it for them. Please remember: there is no right or wrong, better or best in art–everyone’s is simply different! Remind your child that it’s okay if their end result looks different than the example or yours. Different is good!
4. These lessons are lovingly made by hand by an artist/educator. Once in a while you may experience product variations or paper differences.
5. Sometimes we may send supplemental worksheets, coloring pages or activities as a bonus.
6. Have fun! Whether you do these lessons as a family, or your child does them independently, remember the goal is to have fun making art!