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There are a million ideas on Pinterest for great art projects to do with your kids.  But, do you ever actually do them?  Sometimes it’s just too much work to get out all the supplies, or maybe you do not want to have boxes of messy art supplies at home.  “Artist On the Go” Art Kit Subscriptions will provide all the materials for four lessons each month.  The lessons are theme-based, designed by artist and former pre-school teacher, Kate Pepper.  Kate currently teaches art classes in Wichita, KS at The Art Park, but has a dream of sharing her unique projects with children all over America.

The “Artist On the Go” Kits are the perfect creative supplement to your child’s pre-school through early elementary education.  The idea for these unique art kits stemmed from families that lived too far away to travel to weekly art classes at The Art Park, or their children had health issues that prevented them from participating in a school environment.  The art kit idea has now come to fruition; we are proud to offer young artists high quality art projects that are shipped directly to their home each month!  Now art can be created in more homes across the US!

The first week of each month, four lessons and supplies will arrive in the mail with suggestions for correlating books.  The package pictured below is an example of “fall themed” lessons.  We have created hundreds of lessons, making it possible for families to subscribe for years without a repeat lesson!  The lessons are geared for ages 2-8 years.  The 2-year old artist would just need a little more adult supervision and involvement than the older children.  The examples are designed to be followed loosely, allowing for individual creativity, especially for older artists.

Each lesson will contain an example of the collage project with all the pieces and embellishments, simple drawing directions for the animal or character of the week, book recommendations, and any supplemental worksheets we feel fit the thematic unit of study.   Popular themes include Insects, Gardens and Flowers, Under the Sea, Seasons, Baby Animals, Farm Animals, Native American Life, Nocturnal Animals and Holidays.  (Please make note if you do not celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or any other holidays, a substitute lesson will be sent to you.)

Fees are for one kit per family.  If you have multiple children in your family and need more than one kit per month, additional kits are ½ price.  All kits for your family will be mailed together.  Please help us keep our costs consistent by only purchasing additional kits for your own children.

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Fess: The 3 month package is $180, includes shipping

The 6 month package is $230, includes shipping

The 12 month package is $695, includes shipping

Suggested Supplies to have on Hand

Each month, all supplies necessary for the project will be delivered to your doorstep; there are a few supplies, however, that you may want to make things easier and more enjoyable:

1.    Low-temp hot glue gun for embellishments such as buttons, pipe cleaners, large googly eyes, seashells, beads, etc. (regular Elmer’s Glue does not hold well for these items)

2.    Do-A-Dot sponge tip markers

3.    A pad of multi-colored construction paper in case of scissor accidents with lesson pieces

4.    One silver Sharpie for details, and a package of washable Crayola markers for drawing and adding details

5.    Elmer’s Glitter Glue for stars or sparkly areas (can use with small, cheap paintbrushes to spread around if desired)

6.    Pad of inexpensive drawing or computer paper for the simple drawing exercises (you may want to date your child’s drawings to chart progress)

* New subscriber bonus: two glue sticks and a pair of easy to use loop scissors *

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

1.    The examples are mere guidelines–if your child has a different idea for the outcome, let them go for it!

2.    The younger your child, the more adult supervision they will need.  We strongly recommend only adults use the low-temp hot glue gun, no matter the age of the child.

3.    Some children may require your help, no matter what age, with the drawing exercises.  We encourage you to sit beside your child and draw in a step-by-step guided fashion.  Be patient and resist the urge to hold their hand and do it for them.  Please remember: there is no right or wrong, better or best in art–everyone’s is simply different!  Remind your child that it’s okay if their end result looks different than yours.  Different is good!

4.    These lessons are lovingly made by hand by an artist/educator.  Once in a while you may experience product variations or paper differences.

5.    Sometimes we may send supplemental worksheets, coloring pages or activities as a bonus.

6.    Have fun!  Whether you do these lessons as a family, or your child does them independently, remember the goal is to have fun making art!