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Join us and learn the basics of drawing while experimenting with new media including design-quality markers, colored pencils, chalk and oil pastel, watercolor & more.  This guided step-by-step method improves visual perception skills by breaking down the subject matter for students to see and follow along with.  Everyone is successful in Monart classes!

Meets Mon. 3:30-4:30, ages: 1st-5th grade in St. Theresa’s Rm.     

 Jungle Animals Theme

Draw and learn about the blue morpho butterfly, jaguar, anteater, toucan, and their habitats.  Have fun painting the canopy abundant with jungle life.  Students will enjoy using watercolor and wax resist, texture rubbing plates and, marker and pastel.

Meets: Apr. 9, 16, 23, 30; May 7, 14.

Tuition is $55 for the five weeks.

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After school classes sponsored by Art For Everyone 501c3, call 683-2500 for donation and scholarship information