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Want to learn to draw? Whether you want to learn the basics of drawing or improve existing drawing skills, these are the classes for you! Instructors will show you new techniques and provide professional quality materials to complete your artwork. This guided step-by-step method improves visual perception skills by breaking down the subject matter for people of all ages to see and follow along with. The patented Monart Drawing Method was designed by leading art educator Mona Brookes, author of Drawing With Children and Drawing For Older Teens and Adults.  In these monthly workshops students have fun using new media, such as design markers, water color, water color pencil, acrylics, colored pencils, oil and chalk pastels while learning to draw!

The theme for the 2017-2018 workshops for the school year is 19TH CENTURY EUROPEAN ART.  Tuition each month is $10.00 (cash please!) per person per class and includes all supplies and materials.  This class meets Fridays from 10:00-11:00; classes are divided loosely by ages 4 ½ -7 and 8-12 and Teen.  


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Sept. 15th: EDGAR DEGAS

Degas is most famously known for his ballerina paintings and sculptures.  Students will learn about lighting, proportion and how to depict movement while using pastels to create a ballerina in motion in Degas’ style.


Use printed papers to collage a sunflower still life.  Use orange, yellow and gold acrylic paint to add depth to the flower petals.  Learn how to create a symmetrical vase for the flowers.


Learn about depth, layering and scale while creating a cornucopia still life in the style of Cezanne and then eat the fruit!  Perfect for a Thanksgiving decoration.


Learn about pastels as we make a blustery city scape in the style of James Whistler.  His paintings have a soft, foggy, pastel feel we will duplicate.


Take a quick refresher course in color theory then learn about pointillism as we use acrylic paints to create a wintery snowman scene.  Wear clothes that can get messy!


Baby it’s cold outside!  Warm up in art class as we use liquid watercolor to create a vibrant, warm Tahitian landscape.


Pissarro painted many scenes of everyday people and laborers.  Learn about proportion as we layer oil pastel to create a portrait of a boy with a pail working in a garden.


Turner was both criticized and famous for his landscapes and wild color choices in portraying storms.  His painting, “Sunset on the Rouen,” was no exception with it’s stunning red sky.  Students will use acrylics to layer color and create an eye opening sunset painting.


Cassatt is famous for her gorgeous oil paintings and prints of children and babies with their mothers.  We will create a “plate” of a mother and child then print several copies.  Just in time for a Mother’s Day gift!


Immerse yourself in the beautiful gardens where Monet found inspiration.  We will make beautiful acrylic waterlily paintings after observing the pond at The Art Park.

July 20th: EDOUARD MANET                                                                                       

Many of Manet’s portraits were of women wearing interesting, elegant hats.  In this lesson we will study facial proportions and use glitter pens and metallic paint to draw a portrait and then craft our own fancy hats.

Aug. 17th: PIERRE- AUGUSTE RENOIR                                                                    

Students will learn about tints and shades as we combine paint to make various shades of blue to re-create “The Umbrellas.”

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Meets Mon. 3:30-4:30 ages 4 ½ – 7 Getting Ready or 8-12 Basic Drawing. 

Intermediate Teen classes meet Mon. or Thurs. 4:30-6:00.  Homeschool families receive a 15% discount for the first two students and a 25% discount for any students thereafter.  Prices below indicate tuition for one student for a semester.  Call for pricing for 3+ students.   

Semester enrollment is a flexible attendance plan.  The school year is divided into three semesters and you pre-pay for part of the current semester.  Decide which day/time you can consistently come to and then attend as many class periods as you can; we will keep track of attendance.  If all classes are attended the extra tuition is due at the end of the semester.  Missed classes do not need to be “made-up,” as this is a flexible attendance plan.  Unused tuition/classes cannot be carried over to a new semester.  Enrollment mid-semester is acceptable upon availability.   Once camp/class/workshop registration has been completed it is final (after all, registration is how we make hiring, scheduling and supply order decisions).  No refunds are granted for missed or unused tuition.  If a student is unable to attend an event the tuition may be transferable to another student or camp.   This is subject to availability.  We reserve the right to combine classes/camps/workshops due to low enrollment or subject compatibility.

*New/returning students need to pay the annual $15.00 per person registration fee.

Registration Fee

FALL SEMESTER, Sept. 9 – Nov. 30:  We are holding class for 11 weeks.  Pre-pay for 10 & choose which dates you can attend

No class: Nov 22-25.             1 HOUR: $149.00         

WINTER SEMESTER, Dec. 2 – Feb. 28:
 We are holding class for 11 weeks.  Pre-pay for 10 & choose which dates you can attend.

No class Dec. 22-Jan 3, classes resume Jan. 4.          1 HOUR: $149.00         


SPRING SEMESTER, Mar. 1 – May 23:  We are holding class for 11 weeks, pre-pay for 10 & choose which dates you can attend.

No class: Mar. 19-24.           1 HOUR: $149.00         

At the Monart School of Art we strive to provide the very highest quality of art education. This is accomplished two-fold because of our patented method and our extremely qualified teachers. Join us and discover the Monart difference:

* Students use all professional grade materials and learn how to use the materials properly

* Our teachers are educators that have taught in the classroom as well as artists that show on the national level

* We use a progressive curriculum that builds skill levels and teaches independent creativity and three-dimensionality. Our students don’t just copy pictures and the teachers line-by-line drawings, they learn to draw from real objects

* We limit our class size to maintain an organized and structured setting where all students get the attention they need

* Our safe environment allows students to feel comfortable asking questions and learning problem solving techniques. Monart teachers are trained extensively in how to achieve a variety of creative results from the same lesson plan

* We teach serious drawing skills with many side benefits to academics while students have fun learning new skills


* Please drop off your student(s) at the door; classes will begin and end promptly, so please be on time.

* Remember many other classes are taking place, which require quiet. Help us maintain a quiet atmosphere in the entire building; the outside playground is at your disposal.

* A full refund will be granted if the class/camp is canceled or full. Credits are issued for illness only, no refunds for missed classes.

* Once a reservation has been made payment for the class is required. If the student does not attend you will still be required to pay. This policy is in part how we can offer such a discounted rate for the homeschool classes.


“I love the vibrant, loose watercolor Ian made in the homeschool class today! Thank you. He’s really enjoyed the old masters series you’ve done this past school year.”

-Alissa, Homeschool Parent